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Power BI and Azure:
Intelligent data solutions for expert insights

Our range of Microsoft Products are expertly designed to enable businesses to gain the advantage over their competitors, providing intuitive analysis solutions combined with the ease and flexibility of cloud infrastructure. 

Microsoft Azure provides on-demand data analysis capabilities with a fully integrated cloud platform that easily hosts, and distributes, data on-demand. 

Combined with the Visualisation capabilities of Power BI, businesses can acquire intuitive, data-driven insights on the go, wherever their data sources are. 

Power BI

A wide range of Visualisation tools, as well as pre-made templates, breathes life into your data.

Whether it’s presenting a boardroom presentation, or measuring data-driven market options, Power BI’s live dashboards and interactive reports present unified, streamlined, and accessible data visuals often in real-time, allowing for instant, immediate insights.

When you’ve seen the capabilities of Power BI, DataShapa can help you design and build a solution for your whole enterprise. Power BI allows you to create rich interactive reports with Power BI Desktop, provide web-based access to dashboards and customised apps, and take your data on the road with the Power BI Mobile App.

Our long-term support will also ensure that any queries or issues you have will be dealt with by our team of experts as soon as possible, leaving you to get back to what really matters.

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Microsoft Azure

With the ability to store and access data from a multitude of secure, cloud-based locations, Microsoft Azure gives businesses complete control over their multiple data sources. 

Hosting your data on the Cloud provides a wealth of benefits for businesses of any size. Not only does it provide a cost-effective solution to the issue of Data Management and storage, it’s also extremely scalable. This means that as your business continues to thrive and grow, Azure’s cloud-hosting capabilities can adjust to increasing demands with ease. With security functions implemented at every level, you can be sure that your business’s sensitive data is in trusted hands. 

Here at DataShapa, we want to ensure that businesses gain as much value as possible from Azure. We’ve built many components and solutions that help us take advantage of the platform to give our clients an accelerated route to the Cloud, all while providing consistent support through the integration and implementation stages and beyond. 

A Fully Managed Cloud Service

For teams that don’t possess the necessary skills to maintain, manage, or build a comprehensive Cloud Data Strategy, DataShapa can offer a fully managed service that ensures confidence, clarity, and trust in your cloud-hosted intelligence. 

We’ll implement, integrate, and create your cloud storage solution, leaving you to focus on what matters, knowing that your data is accessible for on-demand retrieval wherever you go.

Trusted by organisations worldwide to deliver Power BI solutions

A trusted, value led partnership 

At DataShapa, we’re committed to empowering your datasets to realise the full potential of your intelligence. Combined, our team of specialists possess decades of experience in enhancing Business Intelligence frameworks, and as Microsoft gold partners, demonstrate expertise in handling Microsoft-based BI processes.  

As we work alongside you to construct new frameworks or optimise existing architecture, we always clearly and responsively communicate our progress.  

Whether you’re enhancing your Power BI dashboards for streamlined intelligence on-demand or making use of Azure’s cloud storage for a fully scalable solution, we operate with a methodology that drives value every step of the way and will be on-hand to aid in maintenance long after initial implementation.

  • In Power BI we’ve been able to automate a wide range of analysis processes. For us, from a retail perspective, this has been extremely meaningful and valuable. Being able to benchmark ourselves against milestones is great for visibility and distilling performance down, as well as being infinitely quicker.

    Trent Powell – Versilia Solutions

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Microsoft Gold partner

As a Microsoft Gold partner, we have passed numerous competency requirements and proven ourselves to be best-in-class in a wide range of Data Analytics and Business Intelligence services. This award showcases our passion for delivering outstanding customer service and long-term satisfaction. With this certification, we are able to prove our ongoing commitment to empowering quality data, as well as our drive to continue furthering our professional expertise with insider Microsoft training and support. 

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In the age of Big Data, Data Warehouses and Data Lakes, it’s more important than ever that companies examine and reconsider their current data strategy. With Power BI and Azure, businesses can establish a future-proofed data storage solution, before seamlessly creating digestible and clear Data Visualisations that can empower important decisions with ease. 

Get in touch with DataShapa to discuss what the combined abilities of Power BI and Azure can mean for your business. Alternatively, visit our case studies hub to see how our products have already impacted our clients. 

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