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Datasets are becoming vaster, more sophisticated, and are using ever-increasing sources of data. Ensuring your growing variety of datasets are firmly integrated into your architecture is more critical than ever.

By implementing our tried-and-tested ETL or ELT processes in alignment with your unique architecture, we’ll ensure the format of your datasets are consistent. With data that is reliably processed, you will get more trusted insights from your BI tools.

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Tried-and-tested frameworks

Data acquisition is widely accepted as a time-consuming but fundamental first step, allowing data to be transformed into a format which supports further exploration and insights.

We will work alongside you as a long-term partner to implement tried-and-tested ETL/ELT processes. The advantages to your business are clear: a cohesive migration of data that is automated, transformed, and available for interpretation. Performed rapidly and reliably, this process gives users the time and freedom needed to analyse data on-demand.

At DataShapa, we understand the importance of having comprehensive data-driven insights, and want to help you get there.

Our 3-step process:

1. Examining your data footprint

We thoroughly examine your unique data sources, allowing us to tailor the ETL/ELT process for maximum benefits.

2. Implement and Integrate

We implement and integrate an ETL framework within your current landscape, collating data from all your sources in one central location where it may be pulled from and used on demand.

3. Long-term support

We’ll continue to offer our long-term support to handle any queries or additional projects you may have with care, concern, and confidence.

A value-first mentality

We operate with a value-first mentality, ensuring that any projects we choose to undergo deliver measurable value to your business – short term and long term.

With insights into your business objectives and data strategy, our solutions are tailor-made to provide long-lasting and scalable benefits to your team.

“DataShapa have helped us transform our Business Intelligence and integration solutions. Letting us take advantage of our data to support reporting and analysis in the business and helping us manage the integration of our operational systems.”

– Subhash Sreedharan, Director of Technology at McCarthy Stone.

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