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Our range of market-leading technology is designed to provide a wide suite of benefits and advantages to your current data strategy.

From the bespoke automation and reporting capabilities of Microsoft Power Platform to the accessible scalability of Azure, our products are designed to fully support the unique needs of your teams, operations, and architecture.

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Harnessing Azure’s cloud-based offering, we implement a selection of Azure tools to enable greater accessibility, scalability, or analytics for your team. Whether it’s creating a centralised solution for effective ELT processes, or developing more analytical capabilities.

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Power Platform

Enhance, support, and streamline your data with our range of Power Platform solutions.

Taking advantage of the comprehensive reporting capabilities offered by Power BI or automating complex manual processes and more, there’s a whole host of Power Platform services designed to support your current data strategy and objectives.

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Provide a comprehensive solution to data analysis, reporting, and Business Intelligence, TARGIT empowers businesses on any scale to access empowered decisions with accurate calculations and seamless visualisations. Designed to provide an all-encompassing BI solution for companies of any size, businesses ranging from high-profile retailers to international organisations can draw data-driven insights.

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Ensuring data-driven success, the DataShapa way

Using our innovative, value-first approach, we work alongside our partners to establish short and long-term goals.

Providing insight and support throughout, every project or service we deliver is designed to provide measurable value. After implementation, our team are just a phone call away.

“Over the last 12 months DataShapa have helped us create an industry-leading, scalable BI solution from scratch which has transformed how we collect, analyse and report critical data and help us make much more informed decisions.”

– Tim Wilson, Strategic Projects Director, Inspired Villages

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