A range of services designed to
empower data and drive insights

Data-driven intelligence has become essential to maintaining the competitive edge and identifying key trends, opportunities, and factors to grow and develop.

Here at DataShapa, we’re passionate about giving businesses the ability to trust and use their data to maximum effect. Our range of Services are designed to provide measurable value, as we work to understand the demands and challenges unique to your framework before moving to optimise your strategy to its full potential.

Business Intelligence Consulting

Quality BI consultancy prioritises the needs and demands of the clients. We’ll work with you to get to know your business and the challenges unique to your framework. Together, we’ll come up with a strategic Business Intelligence plan to deliver insight from your data. This roadmap will illustrate how your business should develop a range of BI capabilities over time.

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Project Delivery

From defining the scope, risks, and benefits of a project, to thoroughly comprehending and conducting the various steps involved, well-structured project delivery is essential for the maximum success of any BI project. From implementing effective Cloud integration to establishing ETL processes to feed into innovative Data Visualisation capabilities, we’ll ensure that our projects are driven by value and tailored to your existing landscape.

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Retained Engagement

With a team that already knows the intricacies of your specific landscape, any issues or queries can be rapidly resolved, allowing you to gain the maximum value of your data through the long-term.

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Case Studies

To view how we’ve worked with other businesses to deliver and implement effective Business Intelligence services, view some of our case studies below.

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