Support Services are central to building long-term relationships with our clients. We know you’ll have questions and problems from time-to-time and we’ll be here to deal with them for you.

With our global operation, it’s reassuring to know we can get in touch with the team at Datashapa whenever we need to. They’re always there to offer support when we need it.

Nigel Bradish - IT Project Manager, Aer Rianta International

Azure Support

Supporting your cloud service provision

As a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, and your chosen partner, we have many responsibilities that we take very seriously. We’ll provide both technical and account support services for the following areas;

  • Billing
  • Provisioning and Deployment
  • Configuration
  • Performance and Availability Issues

We’ll provide you with the appropriate updates and will deal with any service usage questions you may have. We aim to deliver quality support services that exceed our clients’ expectations. We’ll work with you to design a support plan that offers the best service to your business.

Business Intelligence Support

Keeping the data insights coming

In addition to the Cloud Service Support, many of our Clients also require support for the Microsoft Business Intelligence solutions they are running. you may have a small team in-house and need that extra bit of support from time to time, or perhaps you’d prefer to outsource support services allowing your analysts to focus on delivering insights for your business. Whatever you need we’ll help you to formulate a support service plan that works for your business.