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Market-leading expertise at your fingertips

At DataShapa, we know the value of flexibility, speed, and reliability for our clients. That’s why our revolutionary retained engagement approach is designed to provide the most advantages possible for all your data strategy requirements.

With a team that already knows the intricacies of your specific landscape, any issues or queries can be rapidly resolved, allowing you to gain the maximum value of your data with minimal disruption.

Instant support on your terms

Other data strategy organisations may require you to wait anywhere from 30 to 60 or even 90 days before even beginning to work on an urgent project. However, with a retained engagement agreement with DataShapa, we can ensure that your projects or issues come first and receive the care, consideration, and expertise it deserves – with our team ready to be at your disposal the very same day.

Full flexibility for data to thrive

Simply choose a number of days per year that you wish to allocate towards dedicated DataShapa consulting, then delegate these days when you wish, as products or opportunities to develop present themselves.

DataShapa offers full flexibility within any retained engagement agreements. Still have remaining days at the end of the year? Why not use these days to dedicate towards other data projects, workshops, or consulting sessions? Through this approach, businesses can be sure of a partnership that continually adds value and support.

Throughout all of this, you can be reassured that any queries or issues you may have will receive our full attention, with our team of dedicated experts only a phone call away to deliver a wide range of services.

We also offer completely managed data services. Learn more

Empowering independence

At DataShapa, we don’t believe in taking shortcuts. Rather, we believe in the power of high-quality data, and want to ensure that you realise the full potential as well.

That’s why, with a retained engagement agreement, we’ll aid in moving you towards a more proactive approach. We’ll begin by quickly examining and resolving any issues present, before informing businesses on how they can independently manage this issue in the future. Learn more about how we’ve previously enhanced data-driven insights in our partnership with Inspired Villages.

Ongoing BI Support

Here at DataShapa, we offer long-term BI Support, enabling you to trust in your intelligence, and focus on what really matters – allowing your analysts to focus on delivering insights for your business.

BI Support

Trusted to allow your data to thrive

Trust is the name of the game. We’re committed to providing long-term solutions that support measurable value to your business.

Want to learn more about our innovative retained engagement approach? Why not get in touch with us, and our dedicated support team will contact you as soon as possible.

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