The data source problem

Businesses are realising the rising demand to utilise their data assets to drive decisions and inform future strategies. Datasets are becoming vaster, more sophisticated, and with ever-increasing sources of data.

ETL, or Extract, Transform, and Load, are three separate but interjoined steps that, when implemented, migrates data from a variety of sources to a single, core Data Warehouse.

However, there are certain challenges that businesses must be aware of when attempting to implement an ETL framework themselves. Primarily, if businesses fail to tailor their ETL process to suit their individual infrastructure, they may create a solution that is inefficient and ineffective.

How does DataShapa implement ETL processes into an infrastructure?

At DataShapa, we understand the importance of enabling reliable and comprehensive data-driven insights on command and want to help you and your business get there. We will work alongside you as a long-term partner to implement an ETL process in three core steps:

  1. We thoroughly examine your unique infrastructure, allowing us to tailor the ETL process for maximum benefits.
  2. We implement and integrate an ETL framework within your current landscape, collating data from all your sources in one central location.
  3. We’ll continue to offer our long-term support to handle any queries or additional projects you may have with care, concern, and confidence.

We operate with a value-first mentality, ensuring that any projects we choose to undergo aims to deliver tangible and measurable value to your business. If we can’t find any value within a project, we’ll work with you to optimise a more beneficial solution. This means that with a DataShapa partnership, you are guaranteed tangible value for your business.

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