Why should businesses move their data to the cloud?

The world of cloud-hosting has seen rapid emergence and growth in recent years, accelerated by both developments in cloud-hosting technology and capabilities, as well as the increased demand placed on cloud-hosted data as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

With more attention than ever being placed into developing new cloud capabilities and insights, there’s never been a better time to consider migrating your current datasets to a system that offers security, flexibility, and accessibility unparalleled by standard internal storage solutions.

At DataShapa we take a cloud-first approach in our delivery of data and analytical systems. That said, putting this popular phrase to one side, we also understand that cloud isn’t right for everyone or a hybrid transitional approach is more appropriate. Perhaps we should say, at DataShapa we take the right cloud approach for our clients’ needs.

Alister Jones – Managing Director, DataShapa

Although there are a wide range of additional benefits that accompany a migration from on-premises storage to cloud-hosted Data Management, some primary advantages include:


Cloud-hosted data is securely encrypted to ensure sensitive data stays away from prying eyes or malicious cybercriminals.

Additionally, with seamless and automatic backups of cloud-hosted data, users can be sure that information stored is free from any disasters that might originate from modifications or alterations. This peace-of-mind cloud-hosted data gives users the ability to focus on what matters – drawing optimised insights with reliability in their data.

Your data on-demand

With cloud-hosted data, users can eliminate the need to visit a physical location to perform maintenance. Cloud data can be easily accessed anywhere, ensuring that you’ll never be restricted by your data’s location when wishing to perform data analysis. With easy accessibility, users can rest easy knowing their data is only the push of a button away.

Cost-effective scalability

As the data you collect continues to grow and expand, businesses with on-premise data storage must invest in hardware to store increasingly vast datasets. This can often be expensive and inconvenient, as the data must inhabit a physical space as well.

However, the Cloud offers unique cost-effective solutions that aren’t limited by physical space or hardware. With a tailored cloud-hosted data plan, any data sources can seamlessly scale and grow to suit the demands of increasing datasets.

This ensures that businesses who utilise cloud-hosted data solutions can make use of a service that expands in line with their data. This means zero restrictions and zero limitations, just the data you need, when you need it.

The integration challenge

With all the benefits and future advancements available, now has never been a better time to move into the world of cloud-hosted data. However, it can often be tricky to navigate this emerging landscape. With so many hosting services competing to store your data, it can be difficult, time-consuming, and frustrating to ensure that you’re choosing the right option.

DataShapa can help you migrate to a fully functioning cloud-hosted data strategy, giving you access to cost-effective clear insights and intelligence on demand, no matter the location.

Adding value to your current Azure BI platform

We enable businesses to make the most of their valuable data assets. One of the ways we aim to achieve this is by helping you implement the many features and capabilities offered by Azure BI. DataShapa have built many components and solutions that help us take advantage of Azure, giving our clients an accelerated route to the Cloud. Whether you are running a Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution, have a separate CRM database or want to consume data from your social platforms, then we’re ideally placed to get your data flowing.

Ongoing Cloud Support

Our responsibilities as your chosen Cloud Solution Provider don’t stop when we deliver your project. We’ll continue to work with you on a long-term basis, ensuring you’re always supported in your Cloud and Data Management endeavours, leaving you to focus on what matters. With our value-centric service methodology, we’ll ensure that any cloud service you choose to pursue is set to deliver the most value possible.

Many of our clients look to DataShapa to provide support for their data and cloud infrastructure to ensure continuity and consistency for their business.

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