Our technologist here at Datashapa are always looking for ways to share knowledge with our clients about demonstrate our BI experience. If we’ve built something we think is worth shouting about we’ll provide details about it here in on our site.

The BI solutions discussed here are being used to support many if our clients projects, and are key components of the BI solutions we implement. Some are simple pieces of code that make our lives a little easier. We like making people’s lives easier so we’ll be sharing the source code for these products and solutions.

Yes, your heard us right. Have a read around, Microsoft is embracing Open Source more and more as it develops its cloud solutions. Many SDK’s and Frameworks are now Open Source, and SQL Server is now available on Linux, not to mention Microsoft are one of the largest contributors to the Linux Kernel. So, we thought we’d continue the trend by sharing some of what we’ve been doing. Source Code is available from our Datashapa repository on GitHub.