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Market-leading consultancy services to enhance your Power Platform landscape   

From introducing greater efficiency and flexibility to traditionally complex and time-consuming manual processes, to enhancing the sophistication and insights gained from data-driven intelligence, the possibilities with Power Platform are endless.  

We have deployed complete solutions enabling easy integration across all three Power Platform applications. Able to fully implement bespoke solutions or optimise existing architecture for greater results than ever before, we can: 

  • Create tailor-made applications to streamline and build custom UIs for company-wide tasks 
  • Help you to fully automate processes for flexibility and clarity  
  • Deploy enhanced data visualisation tools to gain at-a-glance reporting 
  • Automate scheduling an export and the emailing of any self-serviced reporting content 
  • Fully manage and maintain your overarching architecture for peace of mind and security 

Introducing Microsoft Power Platform

Power Apps  

We develop Power Apps that have a responsive design and can run seamlessly in browsers and mobile devices. Here at DataShapa, we have extensive experience in building feature rich, customised apps to suits every business need, enabling users to pragmatically interact with their existing data, and integrate external data with ease. 

Power BI 

Equipping users with the tools needed to easily interpret and identify vast datasets at-a-glance, Power BI provides access to the very latest data-driven insights across companies.  

With a DataShapa partnership, we can enhance and optimise your Power BI environment to create customised, intricate reports capable of providing easily identifiable insights that bring you closer than ever to your goals.  

Power Automate  

We empower end users to easily automate repetitive, mundane tasks with ease, enabling you to visualise your end-to-end business processes providing guided recommendations using Power Automate. We have skillsets in quickly processing forms using document automation, process approvals, detecting images and text, and much more. 

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