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Is your data, platform & choice of analytical tools something you can manage with confidence? 

Our managed services can provide a full solution architecture, meeting all these needs whilst giving you continued management, maintenance and optimisation. As the size and complexity of data volumes grow, and cloud platforms continue to introduce new capabilities, we’ll ensure these cutting-edge solutions are available to your team 

From completing ongoing maintenance and evaluating security and performance, to using the latest analytical tools and capabilities, we offer a fully managed approach to your BI landscape.  

With our managed service approach, we offer peace of mind on the technical back-end management, and empower your users to trust in advanced intelligence as they use analytical tools.  

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Achieve more while doing less 

While enhanced analytics can enable users to reach the more comprehensive insights, it can also require a large amount of technical skill for installation, configuration and use, as well as demanding significant time investments, with high costs throughout.  

Our managed services for data empowers users to take advantage of the latest intelligence available without sacrificing resources or risk. Our team of specialists can complete the design, implementation, and maintenance for a seamless and flexible approach. Offering a single subscription cost for the whole service. 

With our team always on hand to tackle any rising threats or issues with systems, an outsourced, managed approach to data-driven insights empowers access to premium tools, without the traditional demands that accompany it. 

Why choose DataShapa for Managed Services? 

Business Intelligence combines multiple tools and services to provide companies with the intelligence needed to succeed. From integration and management to storage and Visualisation, an overarching BI strategy allows businesses to harness their vast datasets and draw relevant intelligence from reports to provide clarity, capability, and confidence.

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