Which Business Intelligence services are right for you?

23 August 2022

Which Business Intelligence services are right for you?

Business Intelligence services can significantly transform the value, and capabilities, of data within your organisation. With access to innovative tools and streamlined processes, teams of all sizes can access new and actionable intelligence.

Equipped with these insights, users throughout a business can gain strategic overviews, and understand ongoing trends and risks, to inform market-leading strategies and avoid common pitfalls.

However, the world of Business Intelligence is varied and multi-pronged. Finding the right BI service to drive value for your teams, and optimise current architecture in the most effective way possible, can be a complex and time-consuming process.

With a range of BI services available and operating with a value-led methodology, we work with clients across a wide range of industries to provide measurable benefits that align with your business goals and objectives. Learn more about some of our BI services below.

Creating a bespoke reporting dashboard

Creating a bespoke reporting dashboard makes it easier than ever for stakeholders and key decision-makers to identify and interact with insightful and valuable data.

Able to transform and easily display large amounts of data from a wide range of formats and sources, reporting tools such as Power BI provide at-a-glance insights on core business areas.

Capable of being fully personalised, these reports are tailored-made to enable trusted, automated intelligence across a wide range of use cases and scenarios to bring users closer than ever to actionable intelligence.

What’s more, with a succinct overview of high-quality data in one location, users can save valuable time and resources that would be spent collating and interpreting datasets. With automated and up-to-date information condensed in one location, high-quality insights are instantly available on-demand.

Migrating to the cloud

Driven by an evolution in capabilities, as well as the need for greater adoption during the pandemic, cloud-hosted data is more accessible, viable, and cost-effective than ever before.

As enterprises continue to evolve, databases naturally expand and new sources are added – growing vastly and causing unnecessary and frustrating bloat and complexity. As data grows, businesses with on-premise data storage must invest in hardware as well as find space to accommodate them.

Offering greater flexibility, the cloud offers innovative cost-effective solutions that aren’t limited by physical space or hardware. As a result, any data source can seamlessly scale to suit the demands of increasing datasets, while possessing the ability to be accessed and analysed from almost any location with ease.

Our cloud migration services can help you migrate to a fully functioning, cloud-hosted architecture, enabling businesses to make the most of their data in secure and trusted environments. After migration, we also offer long-term cloud maintenance and optimisation to help make sure your cloud architecture remains as streamlined and efficient as possible.

Read more about our cloud services here.

Implementing data management and integration projects

For businesses experiencing multiple data silos and a lack of centralised data, data management and integration projects may just be the answer.

These projects focus on integrating data from multiple sources and in a range of different formats, which helps to centralise information and encourage streamlined access. Using storage solutions such as data warehouses or data lakes, users can access critical intelligence from almost any location – removing core barriers to entry. With these barriers removed, users will be less likely to create isolated data silos in favour of a more accessible solution.

Throughout this process, we will also ensure that all data collected and stored has been cleaned and collected appropriately.

As a result, any insights gained will be gleaned from high-quality and reliable sources, removing any doubts over reliability alongside the potential for human error and intervention.

Learn more about our data integration services here.

Utilising Machine Learning processes

Machine Learning analytics can provide access to some of the most strategic and proactive insights achievable.

Able to model and predict future outcomes based on the trends of historical data, Machine Learning analytics can equip enterprises with the ability to understand and explore the potential impact of strategic decisions, such as:

  • The outcome of certain promotional sales,
  • The effect of a price increase on sales in a specific region,
  • The potential risk involved in using certain language on brand sentiments.

Due to the advanced capabilities available, Machine Learning is highly regarded, providing valuable insight that is difficult to attain with traditional analytical techniques. However, to take advantage of this innovative branch of analytics, enterprises must possess the necessary infrastructure, data and knowledge required to build and train ML models.

If you’re interested in realising the potential of advanced analytics for your enterprise, why not read more about the four types of analytics?

A methodology built on value

Our approach is centred around providing short and long-term value to your enterprise, aligned with your data goals and business objectives. With a five-step methodology, we’ll collaborate with your teams to establish a trusted partnership as we work to understand the unique benefits and weaknesses of your architecture. Afterwards, we’ll suggest the best way forward.

To learn more about how our value-led approach can benefit your business, book a free discovery call for an initial consultation here.

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