When to partner with a Business Intelligence consultancy

21 July 2022

When to partner with a Business Intelligence consultancy

As markets get more and more competitive, a Business Intelligence consultancy may just be the ingredient that allows your data-driven organisation to thrive.

Providing an external perspective, essential and strategic project delivery, and a wealth of experience, Business Intelligence (BI) consultancies can be a valuable asset for almost any enterprise.

What’s more, as businesses realise the true value of data analytics across operations, those with access to the most sophisticated BI tools and expertise may reach the comprehensive insights needed to maximise business performance and gain a competitive edge.

But how can a BI consultancy enable critical insights for decision-makers? When is the right time to partner with these teams? Below, we’re answering many of these questions.

Why outsource your Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence consultancies can deliver a wide range of services for enterprises wishing to get the most from their data sources, providing insight into key performance metrics. Some of the greatest benefits of partnering with a BI consultancy include:

Access to comprehensive experience

A BI consultancy consists of a team of experts, all with their unique expertise and skillsets.

Greater capacity for your teams

Outsourcing some or all of your BI delivery gives back time to your teams so that they can focus on decision making and additional projects.

Strategically aligned Business Intelligence tools

Tailored solutions will cater to each team independently, whilst delivering a wider Data Strategy with tools that work seamlessly throughout a business.

To learn more about the benefits of an outsourced approach, and to decide if it’s right for you, read our full guide here: How can an outsourced approach elevate your BI frameworks?

Partnering with a BI consultancy

Partnering with a BI consultancy can add measurable value to your organisation in any situation, but there are often key steps that can benefit greatly from a partnership – accelerating time to insight and optimising architecture throughout. Some of these milestones include:

When your company is rapidly scaling

Rapidly scaling enterprises are often accompanied by rapidly scaling raw data. Without the right data platforms, these increasing data volumes may limit your ability to gain the desired insights – while also demanding significant periods of time to complete analytics processes.

By incorporating data warehouses, cloud storage facilities, or other optimised BI platforms, consultancies can ensure that rapidly scaling enterprises are accompanied by optimised architecture for flexible, potentially real-time intelligence regardless of data.

Learn how we’ve previously assisted a rapidly scaling enterprise in our full case study here: Streamlining Business Intelligence with Harding.

When seeking to achieve more from your current architecture

As part of our unique methodology, we begin any project by performing an internal audit of current architecture and processes. For enterprises wishing to optimise the flow of data, this audit equips our experts with a comprehensive understanding of strengths and weaknesses.

Are there any touchpoints that are slowing analytics processes down? How can the architecture be better designed to reach long-term goals?

Answering these questions and more, BI teams can implement projects specifically designed to add value and accelerate strategic intelligence throughout a business.

When you have a specific project in mind that you’d like to implement

Are you thinking about introducing a specific Business Intelligence system but are unsure if you have the right framework, skillsets, or experience required to succeed?

An outsourced approach can empower seamless implementation without sacrificing current capabilities. If a system can’t be implemented due to limited functionality or other challenges, or if the potential for the implementation of a more advanced tool presents itself, outsourced teams will often have the answer, having faced similar challenges before.

When you’re encountering common critical data issues

If your business is encountering critical data issues, an outsourced approach may help identify not just the limiting factor, but the conditions that led to this issue. Was the formation of a data silo due to the need for greater data literacy? Was this increasingly slow analysis process due to problems with data storage?

Helping to identify the root cause of these data issues can help build a long-term solution. An outsourced team can facilitate all stages of this process to get insights back on track and running smoothly in no time. This can be done in conjunction with your teams, driving continuous improvement.

When you need greater capacity

Partnering with an outsourced BI consultancy can also be beneficial for teams in need of greater capacity or resources.

With fully managed services, outsourced teams can implement, maintain, and improve BI platforms and other tools without bringing in internal teams. This gives back precious time that could be spent performing high-level analytics and reaching insights that can facilitate strategic decision-making and growth.

To learn more about how a managed service can empower your teams, visit our blog here.

Delivering valuable projects for your enterprise

As an outsourced BI consultancy, DataShapa are equipped with the skills, capabilities, and experience needed to implement a wide range of valuable projects for your enterprise, with each designed to add value while bringing you closer to your goals.

To learn how our outsourced approach to BI can benefit your enterprise, why not get in touch for a free initial consultation.

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