Understanding the need for trusted intelligence

27 August 2021

Understanding the need for trusted intelligence

Data-driven insights are becoming essential for businesses wishing to maintain the lead over competitors and gain access to previously unavailable intelligence.

Through leveraging data, enterprises gain access to information to enable growth, such as:

  • Understanding more effectively the behaviour of target audiences.
  • Predicting reception of various marketing campaigns and sales activity to optimise conversions.
  • Proactively identifying potential challenges or risks, avoiding disruption and scope creep.

However, as datasets naturally grow in size and complexity, unoptimised Business Intelligence operations may reduce consistency in results given, leading to an overall lack of trust in overall insights. This ‘trust gap’ between internal teams and BI results can present a wide range of challenges and, once established, can be difficult to repair.

From causing a significant decline in productivity to encouraging a shift back to error-prone manual processes, a lack of confidence in data-driven insights is harmful to internal teams, as well as the overall development of any enterprise.

Learn more about the trust gap, the challenges that a lack of trust in data-driven results, as well as how DataShapa can help reinstate confident, trusted intelligence, in the infographic below.

Datashapa Trust Gap Infographic

Download the Trust Gap infographic

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