Empowering Businesses to Navigate Their Data Landscape with Ease

13 April 2021

Empowering Businesses to Navigate Their Data Landscape with Ease

With datasets becoming increasingly vast and unmanageable, it’s now more difficult than ever for businesses to analyse, examine, and draw insights with confidence. In the age of Big Data, multiple data sources, and integrated storage, both on-premises and via the Cloud, it’s vital that businesses re-examine their current data landscape and optimise it to suit an ever-demanding challenge – one made harder by the unique challenges that each infrastructure brings.

With data sources scattered in various locations, both on-premises and in the Cloud, managing and searching for relevant information becomes a crucial issue for any business that hasn’t integrated an optimised Data Management strategy. This searching for data is often time-consuming, frustrating, and detrimental to productivity and communication.

This issue is only worsened in instances where Big Data is concerned. Big data, which often involves large volumes of complex data collated from various sources. In many cases, it is also un-structured, in forms such as PDF’s. These issues combine to produce an almost impossible task for analysts that haven’t incorporated a data strategy.

As a business’s datasets become larger and larger, along with solutions becoming more and more complex, infrastructures that rely on viewing multiple data sources become severely limiting and restrictive. Noticeable examples of this may be in the retail and commercial sector, where data may take on different forms as well as sources (e.g., stock management software, POS systems, rota tracking and security footage). Although each source may offer some unique insight, capabilities to gain a 360-degree oversight becomes difficult to achieve.

With a complete, unified and overarching view of their data, businesses can draw insights, view trends, and spot vulnerabilities in advance. This brings a wide range of benefits – from increased productivity to increased trust in data-driven decisions.

Business intelligence: The tech challenge

Enhanced and reliable data-driven decisions play an important role in every aspect of a business’s functionality – from marketing and sales to production and operations. By employing an optimised data strategy that feeds into Business Intelligence or analysis software, the possibilities to drive insights are endless.

However, as more and more Business Intelligence tools are developed continuously, choosing the right solution can be frustrating, challenging, and time-consuming for businesses both new to the landscape, or those well-acquainted but in need of change.

Here at DataShapa, we want to guide these businesses on their path to better data by providing ongoing support. We work with businesses to understand the demands and challenges of their current architecture, before working together to reach the best solution possible.

Ever-shifting intelligence

It’s no secret that the world of data is constantly changing and shifting as new developments and advancements in the landscape are made.

From the rise of cloud-hosted storage to better visualisation capabilities and real-time insights, the barriers that previously restricted data analysis and BI have been removed, allowing businesses of any size to make better decisions that drive growth. It’s our goal to ensure that any and every organisation has the capabilities and tools needed to drive key decisions based on reliably sourced and collated data.

Ongoing expertise on-demand

With the many advancements in the world of data analysis and Business Intelligence, there are still many challenges that need to be combatted. Persistent data silos, unreliable Data Management, and poor communication continue to threaten the security and authority of data-driven insights.

Our unique, client-focused approach ensures that every project we work on is guaranteed to add value to your overarching business.

Our five-step methodology offers a long-term approach to the world of Business Intelligence and Data Analysis. We work to break down long-term proposals into smaller, manageable projects individually designed to add value. These five steps are:

  • Data: We begin by examining and analysing your current data sources and assets. Each business has its unique challenges and demands, and we’ll endeavour to establish definition and scope for the rest of our involvement.
  • Strategy: We’ll work with you to understand and shape objectives for both the short and long-term, from improving Data Visualisation capabilities to restructuring your entire data strategy, we’re here to ensure that each project is tailored to provide measurable value.
  • Architecture: We’ll modify your existing architecture, or implement a new solution, to ensure that you have an optimised data strategy for your business.
  • Intelligence: Once we have your data drawn into your architecture, we’ll employ Data Visualisation tools to bring your data to life.
  • Growth: Our data expertise is there on demand to aid in a range of services, from strategic data planning, improvements, enhancements, or any general data support.

Through thoroughly examining your business’s current systems and discussing the challenges faced, we aim to understand the unique challenges and issues present, before working alongside you to deliver actionable insights that you can rely on.

Intelligence you can trust

We understand that a requirement for businesses of any size is the need to be able to trust in their data analysis solutions. That’s why we work alongside you to give your Business Intelligence results the clarity, traceability, and reliability it requires. This allows key decision-makers and users to trust in the data you present and overcome the margin of error that may accompany regular analysis techniques.

It’s vital that businesses consider employing effective data strategies now. As data sources are on a trajectory to become more and more varied in the future, scalable solutions will ensure that businesses have the capabilities to handle ever-complex datasets with clarity and ease.

Building a flexible, long-term framework that provides actionable, reliable insights, is also imperative for any business wishing to continue growing and developing. As the competitive margin between businesses becomes heavily reliant on data, the effective data strategies established now will give your business the leverage it needs over the competition.

Take control of your data

The world of data analysis and Business Intelligence is constantly shifting and expanding. We’re committed to aiding businesses of any size to reach greater insights. To learn more about us, read more here.

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