The launchpad project 

20 July 2022

The launchpad project 

Perfect for enterprises wishing to take their first steps into the world of Business Intelligence and data analytics, the ‘launchpad project’ lets your team, users, and stakeholders test the benefits of BI with a small proof of concept project.

Taking place over 3 – 5 Days (depending on architectural complexity), and requiring an investment of three to four thousand, this is the perfect place to start if enterprises are looking to begin transforming their data into actionable intelligence.

As a launchpad project, this can often catalyse wider adoption of BI tools and data-driven insights – without requiring significant investments. With this proof of concept being value-led, any implementations are designed to add measurable benefits from this initial work.

Helping to understand the power of Business Intelligence and platforms/tools such as Power BI, outcomes here depend on the current state of your architecture. With low volumes of data and few systems in need of integration, infrastructure may be leveraged to feed data straight into a reporting platform like Power BI with a personalised and strategic dashboard. If you have large volumes of data on other hand, we can take a sample of this dataset to demonstrate the capabilities of reporting.

Regardless, with a basic semantic model in the middle, or data pulled directly from business systems, enterprises can access reports that cater to core business goals and demonstrate the potential for future BI projects. This is all achieved while providing access to specialists that may answer any questions from stakeholders and end-users throughout. Examples of these include:

  • A dashboard that displays the current progress towards specific KPIs broken into regions and catering to customer demands and influences.
  • A dedicated and personalised buyer list with insights on persona behaviour, available in one at-a-glance report.
  • An overview that displays streaming data fed from t the main touchpoint in a private healthcare facility – begging to assess patient satisfaction.

Once this launchpad project has been completed and your enterprise has realised the potential benefits of pursuing future projects, then it may well be time to consider your second BI project.

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