The exploratory bespoke solution

20 July 2022

The exploratory bespoke solution

Moving beyond this first tier of BI consultancy services brings us to more tailor-made solutions and an exploration of future possibilities. Such solutions are ideal for enterprises that have realised the wide array of benefits that BI can deliver, and wish to take the next steps toward intelligent ecosystems. Here, we usually expect a time-to-delivery of 10 to 15 days for an investment of anywhere between five and ten thousand.

The wide range in investment levels and scope at this tier stems from the exploratory and uncertain nature of involvement.

With more complex datasets, multiple sources, and no existing single point of truth, transforming enterprise-specific data into actionable and value-led insights can be far more challenging and resource-intensive than enterprises who already possess a sophisticated and centralised infrastructure.

How can we leverage this architecture and introduce new tools to transform areas within your enterprise with a long-term value-led approach in mind? How will users continue to interact with these tools after our departure? Is it scalable, and does it bring tangible benefits to users? These questions, and more, need to be considered with a collaborative approach in mind to ensure that a more advanced project is delivered. Examples of solutions at this stage may include:

  • The Integration of an ERP solution, and the delivery of an ETL process to load 12 entities from the system, creating a Data Model to kick-Start Analytics.
  • The design and build of an Embedded Power BI report that’s integrated into a Microsoft Dynamics Solution; enriching the experience of ERP users.
  • The creation of a Semantic View model on an existing Data Source, and the development of numerous reports and dashboards to provide insights.

In this tier, both the data engineers and the client will enter an exploratory stage where more intelligent tools, processes, and applications are considered – and outcomes come with a degree of conjecture. As the solution is more tailored to the specific business needs of an enterprise, a fully-fledged solution may not be realised at this stage. Projects, however, are designed to still target business processes or the areas in need of optimisation for a value-led approach.

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