The bespoke MVP

20 July 2022

The bespoke MVP

Moving on from the middle tier brings us to some of the larger starter projects that we fulfil in a single stage – These are often completed on a budget of twenty to thirty thousand pounds.

This scale of project moves beyond the proof of concept and their counterparts into a Minimum Viable Product (and beyond), catered and tailored to individual businesses and their infrastructure.

Delivering part of a long-term data strategy and designed to add value throughout, the output of such a project will evolve over the long term and provide enterprises with valuable operational insights. Such intelligence can shape and inform high-quality strategic decision-making.

Due to the customised nature of these projects, an initial timescale of involvement is difficult to predict and is dependent on the scale, complexity, and sophistication of each enterprise’s data landscape. A workshop process helps shape the MVP and outline the delivery and value to be gained from it.

One such MVP may take the form of a bespoke reporting platform. In such a project, enterprises can expect three phases:

  1. Integration to several core business systems and the ingestion of data into a central data platform, typically in Azure.
  2. Transformation of data sets into a data model that can support the use cases needed to deliver business insight.
  3. The visualisation of data in a series of reports and dashboards driven by the needs of the business.

Once an MVP has been delivered, it can be developed with further phases of work. These may take the form of extending data sources and adding new ones, expanding the transformation logic to shape data, and adding greater and more sophisticated dashboards, reports, and user-specific features.

Our MVPs in action

We recently delivered such a project with leading private IVF provider Create Fertility, who wished to move beyond the traditional ‘off-the-shelf’ systems to gain a distinct insight into their current operations. Feeding sales, customer, marketing, and finance data as part of an initial MVP, Create Fertility could identify areas of optimisation throughout the customer journey. Allowing Create Fertility greater understanding of the business as it expanded into new markets.

Read our full case study to learn more about how our MVP enhanced Create Fertility’s insights.

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