Resolving the backend challenges of Power BI

22 November 2021

Resolving the backend challenges of Power BI

The backend landscape of Power BI can provide a wide range of issues and challenges for users of any skill level. To learn more about the backend challenges of Power BI, as well as our recommended solutions, read on. 


Ensuring data is high-quality and consistently updated   

The quality of your Power BI reports extends only as far as the quality of your data. Low quality, inconsistent and unreliable data will produce low quality, inconsistent, and unreliable reports – removing any hopes of value that your report may deliver.  

To guarantee that your data is valuable and high-quality, it’s important to implement a thorough data governance framework. This can entail managing security, structuring data into accessible formats, and ensuring that datasets are up to date and relevant. With the right data governance processes communicated throughout the business, your Power BI reports will always pull through reliable and valuable data.


Integrating data from a range of sources correctly

Without the correct data integration, your Power BI report will fail to include certain datasets within your dashboard – leading to misinterpretation, misallocation, and the introduction of data bias.  

What’s more, if your internal team recognises that your Power BI report is unreliable, they may shift to traditional data analysis methods, leading to potential future data silos.  

Learn more about how to clean, transform, and load datasets in Microsoft’s online course here


Continually training users for frequently added value 

Power BI is a constantly evolving platform, with additional features being introduced and previous features being removed every month.  

Staying up to date with the latest innovations and advancements will allow your backend Power BI users to continually develop their understanding of the platform and introduce new features as they’re introduced to continually add value.  



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