How the DataShapa Methodology Revolutionises Data Strategies

17 May 2021

How the DataShapa Methodology Revolutionises Data Strategies

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A unique approach that inspires value

At DataShapa, empowering market-leading insights from new or existing data strategies is our passion. We firmly believe in the power of a data-driven culture, and our efforts alongside our partners are carefully designed to reflect this commitment. Following the implementation of core solutions and service delivery to our clients, we strive to provide lasting support with a long-term approach. In doing so, we aim to ensure that our experts are just a phone call away, giving direct access to market-leading advice and support.

We value intelligence that you can trust – placing full visibility on the entire data lifecycle, from storage to Visualisation. With these efforts, we seek to eliminate bias and silos, to ensure that your long-term analytical capabilities are reliable, overarching, and secure.

Our unique methodology embodies this approach – allowing us to ensure we deliver value at every stage of our involvement with you.

At a glance, the five-step DataShapa methodology:

  1. Assess the data landscape.
  2. Establish an objectives-based strategy.
  3. Implement a modern data architecture.
  4. Derive intelligence using advanced data strategies.
  5. Provide ongoing support to encourage growth.

Each of these steps are tailored to create and maintain data-driven insights that businesses can access with confidence.

Step #1: Assess the data landscape.

Every client’s data landscape poses its own set of challenges, requirements, needs, and risks. Before we kick-off a new project, we begin by examining your current data landscape and overall architecture. This involves gaining an encompassing view of the current data storage facilities, how data is processed and analysed, as well as any current vulnerabilities that may be present.

Through this process, we hope to gain an in-depth notion of your data landscape that will enable us to optimise projects and solutions – giving us the foundation to deliver to you the most value possible.

Step #2: Establish an objectives-based strategy

Once we’ve worked to thoroughly understand and examine your data landscape, we’ll work alongside you to devise a strategy for both the short and long terms. This involves establishing objectives and curating a data strategy that can best support these goals.

We encourage our partners to consider what the most advantageous insights they could hope to achieve would be, before we strive to realise this through data collation and analysis.

In this stage, we’ll also cement future projects and timescales to establish ongoing collaboration long after the first project is delivered. We’ll complete this by re-establishing and clearly communicating how our involvement will continue to add value.

Find out more about how our unique approach to trusted intelligence has helped our clients reach empowered results in our recent case studies.

Step #3: Implement a modern data architecture

Great data strategies begin with reliable foundations. We’ll begin our involvement by optimising your core architecture. Alternatively, we’ll work to design and implement new architecture that addresses and maximises how your data is stored, collated, and examined for optimum results.

This ensures that the data used throughout your operations is secure, reliable, and trusted. When implemented, your bespoke data architecture will ensure a scalable approach – adapting on-demand as your datasets grow.

Step #4: Derive intelligence using advanced data strategies

Once your overarching data architecture is implemented and optimised, we seek to provide advanced intelligence capabilities. To achieve this, we use a wide array of tools and techniques, such as Data Visualisation and Machine Learning.

By using Machine Learning, we can use modelling processes capable of navigating and analysing vast sets of data rapidly to achieve on-demand, automated analysis.

By using Data Visualisation we can allow businesses to enhance how they interpreted their data through the construction of accessible visual representations, allowing for insights that can be digested with ease.

With Machine Learning, we can use modelling processes capable of navigating and analysing vast sets of data rapidly to achieve on-demand, automated analysis.

These are just some examples of how we aim to optimise how businesses interact with, and view, their data.

This approach ensures that your business achieves a level of critical understanding capable of informing strategy, operations, and many other areas. Emerging trends, predicted customer behaviour, benefits of promotions, and possible strategies are all examples of the information that businesses with a valid data strategy can obtain. Armed with this advanced insight, businesses can maintain leverage in an increasingly competitive industry.

Step #5: Provide ongoing support to encourage growth

We work to establish ourselves as long-term partners of our clients. We’ll be there to answer and address any questions, queries, or additional projects that may arise after we’ve delivered your strategy.

With a retained engagement agreement, we aim to give you peace of mind, ensuring that any issues will be handled on-demand by industry experts that already possess a thorough knowledge of the intricacies of your unique landscape.

BI tailored to enhance

We’re firmly committed to providing products and services that can prove they deliver tangible results for our partners. If we don’t believe that a requested service will deliver the level of benefit expected, we’ll work alongside you to establish an optimised roadmap tailored specifically to generate maximum results.

Through this, we can assure you that our highest priority is delivering measurable value – a priority that continues in the long-term as we continue to find possible routes for development and growth.

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