How can MS Power Platform enhance operational processes?

17 March 2022

How can MS Power Platform enhance operational processes?

From providing visual insights to automating complex and time-consuming manual business processes for streamlined flexibility, MS Power Platform boasts a wide range of capabilities for any team. The ability to easily integrate with current Microsoft ecosystems, enabling ease of access and cross-platform communication, means any enterprise can leverage advanced and constantly updating tools. 

Read on to learn more about the benefits and state of MS Power Platform, and how your team can benefit from a fully integrated suite today.  

What components does MS Power Platform consist of?  

With many cutting-edge tools available to businesses ranging from international enterprises to local agencies, Microsoft Power Platform currently provides four core offerings that help you realise strategic goals and empower continuous improvement. These tools are:  

Power Apps 

Power Apps grants users and internal teams access to a fully flexible and fully personalised app development platform. As a result, users can build apps to streamline processes such as time-logging and product quality control.  

A core benefit of Power Apps is its low-code interface, allowing teams to build custom applications to suit their individual needs and empower common workflows like never before. 

Power Automate 

Automated workflows can bring a wealth of benefits to almost any enterprise wishing to optimise their current business processes, offering a fully automatic and intuitive approach to traditionally time-consuming manual processes.  

Power BI

The world of data visualisation can bring unparalleled advantages to businesses wishing to make strategic decisions based on intelligence, rather than instinct. Able to provide a sophisticated overview of large datasets, Power BI’s data visualisation capabilities can give users a competitive edge in an age where the margin for error grows increasingly finer.  

How can automated processes fully benefit your teams?  

The automation of complex manual tasks can fully benefit teams in many ways, from increased and accelerated productivity to greater overall capacity.  

Used in industries worldwide and trusted by enterprises like Coca-Cola and T-Mobile, the infusion of AI throughout automated workflows empowers users to evolve painstaking processes into fully independent and reliable processes. 

Whether it’s sophisticated data collection and governance frameworks or allowing collaborative efforts, the possibilities of automated flows within a team are fully realised with a Power Automate integration.  

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What are the real-world use cases of Power Apps? 

MS Power Apps is a fully dynamic platform for building bespoke business applications, allowing users within any department to create fully functional applications in a low-code, accessible environment. But what does this look like in the real world? Below we’ve outlined some examples of where Power Apps have already made a significant impact: 

  • Employee onboarding: Users can easily create purpose-built, applications to streamline the onboarding of employees. Through customised, unique workflows, users can ensure that all contracts are signed, any information needed is supplied, and members are made aware of any processes or information needed for ease of transition and peace of mind. 
  • Time logging applications: Users can create tailor-made time-logging applications that can be shared with all members of an enterprise, allowing for easy, accurate, and trusted time logging across a wide range of services and projects. 
  • Personalised POS systems: Power Apps can also be deployed for frontend use cases, such as the creation of simple POS systems, for efficient and rapid sales throughout hospitality, retail, and more specialised environments. 
  • Customer service requests: Traditionally, customer service requests demand rigid and structured governance and due diligence. By creating bespoke applications enterprise-wide, it’s now easier than ever to ensure that all required processes are clearly conveyed and followed in an intuitive interface.  

Learn more about some of how Power Apps have contributed towards true business success. 

How can data visualisation tools enhance strategic decision-making? 

With Power BI, this is made even easier with rapid implementation. What’s more, with frequent updates released monthly, tools are constantly being improved and optimised following user feedback, making advanced data-driven insights as a result of digital transformation fully realised, and more functional, than ever.  

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How can a fully managed service benefit enterprises? 

While Microsoft Power Platform tools are designed to be implemented seamlessly within any framework, ensuring that these tools are consistently optimised, maintained, and connected to your array of data sources for reliable results can be time-consuming and prone to error, which directly affects results.   

At DataShapa, as well as ensuring that your Power Platform landscape is catered to your ongoing data strategy and business goals, we also offer a fully managed service where you can outsource the maintenance and enhancement of your framework. With peace of mind, extra capacity, and access to insights you can trust, our fully managed services are perfect for enterprises of any size.  

To learn more about the benefits of an outsourced approach to Power Platforms and BI frameworks, read our blog here.  

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