10 Surprising Data analytics statistics and trends

6 October 2022

10 Surprising Data analytics statistics and trends

In 2022, data analytics continues to deliver essential insights to global industries and enterprises. With the rise of Big Data analytics, and recent developments in predictive analytics continuing to deliver enhanced intelligence, analytics has never been more present, more accessible, or more advanced.

Taking a closer look at the analytics industry in 2022 and beyond, we’re exploring some of the most revealing, current data analytics statistics and trends. Read more below.

#1: Data-driven companies are 58% more likely to beat revenue goals

A recent Forrester article emphasises the importance of data-driven insights on growth. With access to greater intelligence, companies can gain insights and realise more opportunities for growth. They can identify the core trends to capitalise on – and the serious risks to avoid.

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#2: 62% of retailers report gaining a competitive advantage from information and data analytics

IBM discovered that data analytics are actively aiding retail companies to get an edge in increasingly competitive and saturated markets. Enabling retailers to create and deploy strategies based on fact and insights rather than intuition, analytics helps retailers actively navigate slim margins of error.

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#3: Predictive analytics are on the rise

With more awareness of and access to capabilities, organisations can take advantage of predictive analytics to forecast potential future trends. Empowering businesses with strategic intelligence for decision-making, the predictive analytics market is expected to reach $22.1 billion by the end of 2026 according to a recent report.

#4: Data-driven culture matters

We fully understand the importance of a data-driven culture, knowing from experience that it helps to reduce the risk of data silos and unreliable data. Nevertheless, in a recent study, over 60% of organisations stated that company culture is their greatest barrier.

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#5: Efficiency is the core benefit of analytics

Finances Online reported that out of all companies interviewed, 63% believe that improved efficiency is the number one benefit of data analytics. In the same survey, 53% of companies also believed that more effective decision making was a core priority.

#6: Unstructured data is still a critical challenge

In an economy fuelled by data, only those with compliant and optimised data will be able to successfully navigate the market, as well as adjust their business strategies.

Unstructured data is more complex and costly to both manage and integrate into analysis processes. According to Forbes, 95% of businesses cite the need to manage unstructured data as a problem for their business, with those able to do so gaining a significant competitive advantage with clearer visibility.

#7: The global Big Data and data analytics market is booming

In 2022, the worldwide Big Data and data analytics market was valued at just over 274.3 billion USD.

As more and more enterprises realise the importance of analytics, this market rise isn’t expected to decline any time soon. With a continuing focus on the importance of Big Data analytics to help drive business strategies, Big Data analytics is here to stay.

#8: Budget is blocking Big Data

Topping off a list of barriers that include integration challenges and a lack of expertise, budget remains a key blocker to entry to Big Data analytics. But just how true is this?

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#9: Businesses now believe that an inability to take advantage of big data will cause bankruptcy

Reinforcing the importance of Big Data analytics, Accenture’s study on the success rates of Big Data analytics found that more than three quarters of enterprises believed that those who fail to take advantage of it may severely negatively impact their business.

#10: Companies embracing data analytics could increase operating margins by 60%

McKinsey’s study on Big Data found that businesses which prioritised data analytics could increase their operating margins by up to 60% – showcasing the importance of being able to harness data analytics.

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