Empowering Asset Management with Panthera

Empowering Asset Management through Business Intelligence with Panthera 

At DataShapa, we measure our success on the value and results we achieve with our partners – helping them to accelerate data-driven insights and enabling a pathway to optimised, trusted intelligence.  

Read on to discover how our long-running involvement with Panthera utilised a winning data strategy to develop enhanced reporting and visualisation tools for both client and business.  

Our involvement: the early stages 

  • Panthera is an independent multi-family office, reliably and accurately supporting clients with insights on how assets can be best monitored, structured, and protected with true attention to detail.

    With an emphasis on preserving and enhancing wealth for both current and future generations, they strive to empower their clients to move towards their financial goals through developing proactive strategies and managing assets, delivering meaningful real-time reporting and analysis.   

    Our initial involvement with Panthera began when the firm expressed a desire to further develop and enhance its reporting model – one that was connected seamlessly to a wide variety of data sources to provide insights at a glance.  

  • Developing a long-term, effective strategy is a fundamental step in our process, and one that we take immense care in. By examining the current landscape, processes, and architecture of an organisation, our specialists can move towards implementing intelligent solutions that are truly value-led.  

    Combining DataShapa’s technical skills and Panthera’s vision for its client services, we determined key areas for optimisations. These would allow Panthera to meet their desired “advanced” client reporting capabilities. Predominately, these were the need to shift to a reliable, single source of truth for all data, as well as navigating the move from manual processes in favour of automation.

Recognising the need for a single source of truth 

When reporting to clients whose assets offer a varied and complex landscape, it is critical to be able to rely on results given, and to trust any data requested and rapidly sourced.  

Our practical implementations began solving the need for a reliable source of data by creating a Cloud-based Data Warehouse that could grow with Panthera. This allowed each report to be taken from the same pool of monitored and governed data – creating a single source of truth that was secure and reliable while removing the need for the creation and use of siloed data.  

In this Data Warehouse, anonymised data providing financial information on a wide variety of assets from numerous sources was stored in a secure asset ledger.

Panthera and DataShapa felt that the construction of a secure Data Warehouse was vital in allowing data to be consistent and reliable – forming the foundations of advanced reporting and analytical capabilities.  

The creation of the Client Valuation Report  

With the construction of a Data Warehouse, we were then able to move to the first iterations of an advanced reporting platform that would track the progress and status of assets, before highlighting potential areas of interest.  

Beginning as an automated template which financial analysts could import and customise for each client – with asset categorisation and multiple reports available – our analysis services cube model allowed the development of multi-channel reporting capabilities. 

The Client Valuation Report has become a key step in Panthera’s ongoing advice process, enabling consistent, regular, portfolio-focussed discussions around structure and performance.

The ongoing evolution of the Client Valuation Report 

After the initial versions of the report were created – utilising our scalable Data Warehouse for consistent and trusted results, our attention shifted to further optimising the reporting functionality to gain additional value.  

One such area of change was the breakdown and further categorisation of the asset ledger. This allowed the dynamic categorisation of assets,  providing a more nuanced insight and more detailed analysis. 

An example of a key benefit that Datashapa have brought into the Panthera advice process was in the ability to fully and independently assess both the individual and sector-specific performance of an investment portfolio.  

This process is fully provider-agnostic, complementing Panthera’s independence and providing full-spectrum performance monitoring from the first principles of a client’s actual returns (rather than a generic underlying manager return often quoted) to Panthera’s analysts, further bolstering the advice process.  

Navigating challenges with expertise

The introduction of Business Intelligence solutions is more than a technical challenge. Clients like Panthera must have trust in the functionality and capability of such solutions. Our team worked in collaboration with Panthera to not only meet the technical requirement, but also ensure Panthera have the confidence and trust in the solution that was delivered.  

Adopting advanced BI practices involved a two-stage approach:

  • Stage One: Communicate the breadth of advantages that BI brings to teams

    We aimed to communicate the wide range of advantages that BI processes may bring – including eliminating time-consuming manual resources and reducing the chance of human error affecting results.  

  • Stage Two: Establish trust through UAT

    The second stage focused on gaining the trust of analysts through a process of User Acceptance Testing (UAT) – where we worked in collaboration with the Panthera team through a number of iterations to gain their definite trust in automated processes.  

    This allowed them to compare their expected results against those produced from BI, building knowledge and confidence in the BI solution. 

Looking to the future 

Through a retained engagement approach, we aim to continuously add value to our partners’ data landscape with ongoing advancements and the implementation of new processes.  

At Panthera, we have been able to greatly evolve the Client Valuation Reporting system from both client and user feedback to ensure that, alongside the core offering, each client sees the information important to them. This process is under constant review, and Datashapa’s ability to be pragmatic and responsive to changing development demands has led to a high degree of trust and efficiency between both organisations. 

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Our work with Panthera has presented us with unique challenges, and the opportunity to create a reporting tool unique in design, process, and ease of use. With our retained engagement approach, we were able to continuously add value to Panthera’s BI processes, helping them deliver their ongoing strategy and seek to continually improve client services. 

To learn more about our client work, read all about our methodology. Alternatively, for any further enquiries, or to begin your path to empowered data-driven insights, contact us here.

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