Delivering clarity and ease of insights
to your current data sources

Data Warehousing is an essential component of any robust data strategy. At DataShapa, we’re committed to giving businesses the functionality and infrastructure necessary to achieve relevant and clear data-driven intelligence.

As part of our services, we can evaluate and assess your current Data Management strategies, before moving to establish a clearer and overarching framework that brings all your data sources into one, manageable platform. One such element for achieving this is in establishing a scalable and robust Data Warehouse.

All your data sources at your fingertips

At its core, a Data Warehouse enables Business Intelligence and Data Analysis by providing a single location that hosts all existing datasets and sources.

By collating and storing data in one manageable system that users can view, users no longer have to spend precious time researching large, disparate datasets – a task often time-consuming and frustrating. Instead, an effective Data Warehouse enables ease of queries and analysis by providing an overarching store for your data, which can then be used by visualisation software, such as Power BI, to enable real-time insights and provide a 360-degree view of all your current data.

Why should businesses consider
implementing a Modern Data Warehouse?

There are many great benefits available to businesses that employ a Data Warehouse. Some of the prominent advantages include:

  • 1. Insights with confidence

    By providing analysts and key decision-makers with an overarching store of their wide range of data sources, businesses will no longer need to rely on limited information or their intuition for actionable intelligence.

  • 2. Regain control of your time

    With a warehouse that promotes uniformity and easy ongoing collection of data, users will no longer have to dedicate hours towards scouring complex databases for information that may not even be present. Instead, users of a Data Warehouse can rapidly and seamlessly search for data on-demand, eliminating wasted time in favour of more intelligent data solutions that users could better spend dedicated towards other projects.

  • 3. Trust in your data

    We know how important trust in data is to both analysts and key decision-makers. With a standardised and uniform data platform, users can ensure that their results and insights are consistent and unwavering. As a result, businesses of any size can expect optimised decision-making through more consistent data.

  • 4. Gain the advantage over your competition

    With clear, consistent, and uniform data sources, users can place full confidence in their optimised insights, ensuring all decisions made are supported by reliable data. With enhanced data comes an improvement in decisions made, meaning businesses can expect to gain and maintain the competitive edge.

How can Datashapa help to implement a Data Warehouse for a business?

Here at DataShapa, we’re committed to providing businesses with the ability to trust in, and make informed decisions derived from intelligent data-driven solutions.

With our unique methodology, we’ll work alongside you to understand and navigate the challenges and issues specific to your framework, before establishing clear short and long-term objectives to ensure every step of your Data Management journey delivers tangible, measurable value.

This, combined with our long-term support services, ensures that your data strategy is scalable, flexible, and future-proofed, capable of maintaining value even as data becomes more complex and varied than ever.

To begin your path to better data-driven intelligence, get in touch with us to discuss how a data warehouse would benefit your business below.

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