An overarching data strategy that works for you

From discovering potential new leads to identifying ongoing trends and any outliers within the daily operations of your business, Business Intelligence provides companies with a range of tools capable of supporting actionable intelligence based on secure, trusted data.

Business Intelligence practices concern gaining insights based on current events and situations. In an increasingly data-driven world, organisations of any size can take advantage of business intelligence practices. A high-profile retailer searching for new ways to grow revenue and engagement can gain valuable insight from BI practices, as will an international organisation looking for further strategies to optimise productivity and reduce running expenses.

A variety of tools to ensure success

Business Intelligence combines multiple tools and services to provide companies with the intelligence needed to succeed. From integration and management to storage and Visualisation, an overarching BI strategy allows businesses to harness their vast datasets and draw relevant intelligence from reports to provide clarity, capability, and confidence.

Some key benefits that businesses may expect include:

Increased productivity

With empowered data that works through an optimised framework, teams can spend less time scouring vast, disparate datasets – instead being supplied with an overarching view that provides insights at a glance. Data Visualisation and Data Warehousing are primary components within this. With this on-demand, accessible concept, teams are enabled to get back to what matters.

Increased trust in data

Business Intelligence gives your data transparency, clarity, and accountability. With contemporary analysis processes, human error and changing conclusions due to missing or low-quality data often obscures and shifts the reliability of high-profile decisions. By establishing a traceable and overarching viewpoint, Business Intelligence processes allow decisions to be made with confidence and authority.

More opportunities for growth and development

Business Intelligence processes give organisations the ability to view current patterns and emerging trends with potential. From monitoring seasonal trends to identifying current issues that should be flagged, Business Intelligence allows potentially real-time responses to an ever-shifting market.

The infrastructure issue

Establishing a functional and effective Data Management infrastructure can often be challenging, frustrating and expensive for any business. As each infrastructure poses its own unique set of challenges and requirements, with so many Data Management services out there, it can be difficult to choose a solution that places the value of your company at its core.

A Cloud-based infrastructure navigates many common issues. With speed of implementation, ease of scalability, and a wide range of benefits for your business, migrating to a Cloud-based infrastructure ensures that, regardless of your location, your data is always at your fingertips.

Cloud Services

The DataShapa approach

Our unique value-first methodology ensures that a partnership with DataShapa places your business as our top priority. Any project we implement has been thoroughly optimised and tailored to provide maximum benefits. We’ll work alongside you to thoroughly understand your infrastructure, before implementing a bespoke strategy to deliver success.

For more information on how we’ve worked alongside partners in the past to establish long-term success, read some of our case studies, or for the latest on all things data, read some of our insights.

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