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Our Business Intelligence consulting services are varied, wide-reaching, and unique to each client. Embodying a diverse range of specialities and toolsets, our BI expertise enables businesses to reach the maximum potential of their data, from storage to analysis.

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Exceeding expectations as a norm
Delivering innovative solutions is in our DNA.

To give you the greatest value possible, we’ll be there for those difficult stages in your project that make all the difference. With our agile approach to development, we can resolve data challenges facing new enterprises, navigate regulatory changes that arise at short notice, and enable teams to drive their data forward.  

We always prioritise a collaborative approach, ensuring that our partners are updated on any implementations, approaches, or challenges that we encounter. With this trusted relationship, we can quickly navigate any unexpected challenges while mitigating any possible disruption. 

A tried and tested methodology 

As we work according to our tried and tested methodology, we aim to bring measurable value to users both in the short and the long term.  

Identifying the inherent strengths and weaknesses of your architecture, we’ll implement innovative solutions that overcome the challenges of scaling. The result: trusted intelligence for all, on-demand.   

Reporting and analytics services

Get closer than ever before to your data with our reporting and analytics services. Taking advantage of automated data and streamlined dashboards, we can help you uncover previously invisible trends, and map out hidden risks and challenges for agile responses.

Reporting and Analytics

Power BI Consulting

Power BI aims to enable data-driven insights for all teams, regardless of experience, with a range of  visualisations to choose from and a fully customisable dashboard. Our Power BI consulting services allows us to set up, deploy and optimise bespoke dashboards – leaving you free to focus on what matters.

Power BI Consulting

Machine Learning

By introducing Machine Learning to growing data platforms, users can create more intelligent models. This gives them the capability to automatically analyse and learn from datasets, produce insights on-demand with precision and more accurately model future scenarios.

Machine Learning

Project delivery

Quality cloud platforms meet innovative ETL processes in our project delivery services. We’ll implement reliable solutions that enable seamless processes, integrations, and more.

Project Delivery


Retained Engagement Services

Realise trust-free, advanced results, every time. With a retained engagement approach, our specialists are always on-hand to optimise, maintain, and upgrade your architecture.

Retained Engagement Services

BI Support

Need advice, suggestions, or help implementing new systems? As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we are on hand to offer complete support with any ongoing BI operations or projects.

BI Support

“Datashapa provide us with invaluable services and support. This has enabled us to continue to develop and evolve our BI Solution, which provides critical insights for our business.”

– Bala Baskaran, BI Technical Manager: DAA

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