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Businesses of all sizes and industries are more reliant on data than ever before to elevate their competitive strategies, inform market decisions, and bolster growth.

Our data engineering services can transform how teams store, access, and interpret data to encourage comprehensive and actionable intelligence throughout operations.

Harnessing Azure’s cloud-based offering, our services are always tailored to generate value for your team. Whether it’s creating a centralised solution for effective ELT processes, or developing more analytical capabilities, we have a service tailored to you.

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Enhanced data, on-demand

Azure data engineering services can supply enterprises at any stage of their journey. With a wide range of benefits to enhance data and empower teams, businesses can access:

Supercharge efficiency and productivity

Giving back valuable resource and time, automated tools can help teams realise the benefits of improved efficiency and productivity, while reducing the possibilities of error caused by manual processes.

Transparent and universal data sources

By granting access to a universal cloud-based data storage platform, all teams can access the insights they need, on-demand. With greater transparency and accessibility, users can more confidently rely on all insights while simultaneously mitigating the possibilities of harmful data silos.

Insights reinforced by quality

As a custodian for data sources, data engineers can ensure that all reporting tools deliver actionable insights built on the foundations of optimised, reliable, and structured data.

Azure Data Engineering: our services

The Azure platform contains a multitude of tools, with each one designed to elevate a specific business or use case. Our data engineering services take advantage of the full Azure platform, and we’ll work with you to select the best possible option and toolkit for your data and architecture.

Azure Synapse may be the first choice for businesses looking for a toolkit to fulfil ELT and data integration processes, allowing teams to use data on their own terms.

For teams looking for an intelligent solution to data acquisition or moving data from one platform to another, Azure Data Factory may be the best course of action.

Alternatively, Azure Databricks may be the best option for those looking to harness increased analytical functionality.

There are a wide range of objectives that can be supported by Azure data engineering. As market-leading specialists, we’ll work with you to better understand your requirements, as well as the needs of your infrastructure, to ensure that any service we deploy brings the greatest benefits possible throughout your enterprises.

A trusted Microsoft Gold Partner

As a trusted Microsoft Gold Partner, we’re committed to providing an outstanding level of service throughout our involvement.

We aim to continually drive our industry knowledge, and emphasise the importance of clarity and transparency both during our involvement and after. As such, we can deliver innovative solutions with confidence.

DataShapa have helped us transform our Business Intelligence and integration solutions. Letting us take advantage of our data to support reporting and analysis in the business and helping us manage the integration of our operational systems.

– Subhash Sreedharan, Director of Technology at McCarthy Stone.

Why DataShapa?

With decades of combined experience across several specialities, we enable businesses to reach actionable and data-driven insights that are capable of transforming approaches.

Our passion for constant development ensures that we’re always up to date on the latest industry news, insights, and processes. Operating with a tried and tested methodology, we create intuitive solutions that facilitate both short and long-term growth.

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