The folks here at Datashapa are informal, relaxed and easy to work with. We have a professional approach to our software and service delivery. We believe good communication and a client centric approach to business is important. After all, our clients are our business.

We see ourselves as an extension of our clients internal teams, and we endeavour to be a positive influence, imparting knowledge and empowering client ownership of their BI solutions.

We see Datashapa as an extension to our core Data team. They provide support and services that give our team the additional scope it needs to meet the growing demand for data here at Lush.

Subhash Sreedharan - HR, LUSH
Our Values


Being true to “our people and yours” is at the core of our business. We look after our team, and they look after you. We don’t hide from the difficult questions and we’re up-front and honest about the challenges we find as we work together.


We know “data and analytics projects” can be complex and difficult, its why our clients get us in to help in the first place. We’ll communicate and collaborate in a manner that’s simple to understand, and delivers the outcomes you desire.


We are passionate about data, analytics and technology. We measure our success on the benefits our BI solutions bring our clients. We wear our hearts on our sleeves and are determined to deliver the best results we can.