Empowering insights, the DataShapa way.

At DataShapa, we’re committed to providing trusted intelligence solutions that enable businesses to get the maximum value from their data. That’s why our structured methodology is always customer-centric and always at the core of what we deliver for our customers.

By establishing ourselves as a trusted partner, we work directly with our clients to establish primary challenges and obstacles, before defining clear goals and objectives for both the long and short-term. This allows a strategic, measured, and value-added approach towards enhanced, data-driven decisions.

1. Data

We begin by examining and analysing your current data sources and assets. Each business has its own unique challenges and demands, and we’ll endeavour to establish definition and scope for the rest of our involvement.

2. Strategy

After understanding your business’s data assets, we’ll work with you to understand and shape objectives for both the short and long-term. From improving Data Visualisation capabilities to restructuring your entire data strategy, we’re here to ensure that each project is tailored to provide measurable value.

3. Architecture

Great data strategies begin with reliable foundations. We’ll modify your existing architecture, or implement a new solution, to ensure that you have the most suitable and optimised data strategies possible for your business.

4. Intelligence

Once we have your data drawn into your architecture, we can then utilise Data Visualisation tools to bring your data to life – allowing the maximum capability for you and your business to gain intelligent insights.

5. Growth

With a retained engagement agreement, our data expertise is there on demand. This could be for a range of services from strategic data planning, improvements, enhancements on existing data, ad hoc queries, or general data support.

Data strategies tailored to bring value.

We always measure our success in the value it brings to our clients, and by breaking down longer objectives into smaller projects individually designed to add value, we guarantee consistent benefits every step of the way.

If we don’t believe that a service will bring measurable value to your business, we will instead work with you to create the most optimised solution possible. This ensures the best outcome for your business, with long-term results consistently examined to track outcomes.

Empowering our clients.

Data strategy is in our DNA. That’s why we’re passionate about delivering clear intelligence that you can rely on.

We’re committed to enabling businesses to reach their full potential through data-driven insights, and that commitment doesn’t end when our project ends. Over the long term, we will work with our customers to ensure that they have autonomy and control of their data and data strategy.

Discover how we’ve empowered our previous partners to access enhanced intelligence in our case studies hub.

Data you can believe in, on-demand

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we believe in supporting our expert solutions with outstanding customer care and support. To begin your journey to better data, contact us below or learn more about us here.

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