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At DataShapa, we pride ourselves on our constantly evolving, agile, and capable team. With flexible training options and regular company social events, life at DataShapa is always varying, rewarding, and full of opportunities to develop and reach your full potential. 

We live by three core values: authenticity, simplicity and drive. These materialise through being honest, communicating openly, and being devoted to great results. Our values are reflected through our work and the way we interact with the people we work with.   

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Our great work is down to an even greater team, and we look forward to working with anyone who shares our commitment to ongoing quality and positive work culture.  

Our People 

Our people are what make up our ambitious company. Without them, DataShapa wouldn’t thrive the way it is today.  

We welcome people from varying paths of life, bringing an eclectic mix of perspectives and ideas to the team. Whilst we enjoy the differences we all have, a shared passion for data and eagerness towards problem-solving is what unites the team at DataShapa.  

We have a wide range of skills within DataShapa, which helps operations to run smoothly and effectively. This also means that, whatever your role is, you will always be supported throughout projects. It’s part of our work ethic to help each other where we can, to not only deliver excellent results, but to benefit our entire ecosystem of employees.

DataShapa Careers 

At DataShapa, your role isn’t just a job, it’s a career. It’s important to us to encourage you to develop, and we’ll support you as you do. Whether you’re new to the team, or have been with us for years, no role is more or less valuable than another – we’ll always be proud to have you on our team in this fast-paced industry.  

We want to make sure we support our team as much as we can. As well as honing a supportive work environment, we strive to emphasise the importance of encouraging good mental health. At DataShapa, a job is about more than just the work you produce, but the ways in which you can feel fulfilled in your role.  

Alongside a focus on wellbeing and personal development, we also offer all team members the following:

A quality bonus scheme

Possible avenues for share options

Flexible annual leave

Complimentary time off for birthdays

Life and health insurance

Annual company conferences and away days

A great place to work 

Your work takes up a substantial chunk of your time – we know that. That’s why we put a lot of effort into nourishing a healthy work culture. When your team are happy and work well together, it’s sustainable and meaningful. 

At DataShapa we organise regular social events and trips to keep morale high and continue to strengthen bonds within our team. These socials are also a way to allow everyone to relax and let go a little. From go-karting to axe throwing (a great stress relief!) we arrange an inclusive mix of activities for our employees to get stuck into.  

Join the Team 

We’re always looking for stellar and ambitious Business Intelligence Consultants and data-savvy Engineers. Learn more about what’s required for these roles below. 

BI Consultant

  • Experience in Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence
  • Experience delivering reporting and analytical solutions
  • Experience of Azure tools such as Data Factory, Data Bricks, Synapse, and/or experience of Microsoft SQL Stack (SSAS, SSIS, SSRS) tools.
  • Experience of working with visualisation tools like Power BI, designing and creating content to meet clients’ needs.
  • Experience of delivering full lifecycle projects.
  • Experience engaging with clients’ and project stakeholders, gathering requirements, and designing solutions.
  • Desire to work in a client-focused company, helping drive value and insight from data solutions.
  • A passion for all things data.

Data Engineer

  • Cloud or on-premise’s data engineering experience.
  • Skilled in languages such as SQL, Python, R.
  • Hands on experience of cloud platforms such as Azure, AWS or GCP.
  • Experience delivering Data Warehouse, Data Modelling, Data Lake, ETL & ELT solutions.
  • Good communication skills with experience of managing stakeholders.
  • Desire to work in a client-focused company, helping drive value and insight from Data solutions.
  • A passion for all things data.

Learn more about life at DataShapa in our interview with one of our BI consultants, where we discuss our approach to personal development, what a day in the life of a BI consultant looks like, and how we demonstrate our commitment to ongoing quality.

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